Gold Jewellery GVC

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Together with Gary Gereffi (Duke University, USA) and Joonkoo Lee (Hanyang University Business School, South Korea), I am conducting a research project to understand the recent transformations of the Gold Jewellery Global Value Chain (GVC) and of the Italian Gold Jewellery Industrial districts, to understand the challenges and opportunities for firms in Italy – once the top producers worldwide – and the research implications for the study of the local-global linkages.

The research project aims at examining the recent evolution of the gold jewelry global value chain, looking at the changing geography of supply and demand and the increasing role of key countries and actors at the international level. Having already developed an analysis of the major industry trade trends, we now aim at studying the role of trading posts and of trading firms as intermediaries in facilitating and coordinating the value chains of gold jewelry and linking key producers to consumers.

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